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Catalogue raisonné

From the catalogue raisonné of works on paper by Amédée Ozenfant, established by Pierre Guénégan

This catalogue presents only a minuscule part of the works on paper produced by Amédée Ozenfant over a period of more than sixty years. This is due to several factors. For one, Ozenfant lived in three different countries: France, England, and the United States. In the process of moving, works were lost or destroyed, particularly when he definitively returned to France after a long period of artistic activity in the United States. A container fell into the port of Marseille and hundreds of drawings were permanently destroyed. The artist also gave certain works to friends who were painters or intellectuals and thus many of his works on paper are impossible to find today.

We estimate that Amédée Ozenfant produced between eight and ten thousand works on paper during his long artistic career, with some being completed and others still in the state of studies or simple sketches. Many sketches in notebooks also disappeared. Bit by bit, as always happens, some of these works that are dormant in various collections will resurface and there are sure to be some wonderful discoveries in the future.

A reasonable estimate is that the works listed in this catalogue probably represent only about thirty percent of the works on paper still in existence. A supplement to this catalogue is therefore quite likely over the long term.

Each work has been numbered according to its year of production followed by a sequence number: for example, 1917/OP/001, 1917/OP/002, and so on, until the following year: 1918/OP/001, 1918/OP/002, and so on. In rare cases a number may be followed by “bis” or “ter” when some works that were identified late needed to be inserted in the sequence so as not to disrupt the chronological order. Some works were revisited and completed long after they were started, according to the artist’s notes; in this case, the date when the work was finished was used even if other very similar works are listed under an earlier date.